Kris Trappeniers is an urban and stencil artist who currently resides in Belgium. Studied art history and advertising art at the academy of Leuven (SLAC).

Versatile and experimental approach to stencil, inspired by traditional Japanese papercuts (kiri-e), anti-pop culture in the eighties and the arts & crafts movement of the 19th century.
Stencil and papercut design is based on small intricate ink drawings, often the stencil is used just once (as opposed to serigraphy), afterwards the pochoir is colored with acrylics and ttransforms into a decorative artwork itself. This cycle forces the artist to continuously come up with new designs and run through the cycle again.
The process from drawing to finished work is completely analogue, without the use of software or photo filters. Some designs involve more geometrics, resulting in analog halftone designs with a ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect. 

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